Product care

Always store your jewellery in the original box or separately from other jewellery and metal items. I also recommend that you remove your jewellery while gardening, washing dishes, playing sport, or doing other activities that might cause it to be scratched or damaged.

It’s best to get your jewellery professionally cleaned at least once a year. Each of my handmade jewellery pieces comes with specific care instructions found on this website. Simply click on the piece you have purchased and go to Care. Please contact me to book in a clean.

Like servicing your bicycle or car, your special piece of jewellery needs maintenance to help keep it functioning and looking its best. Over time, natural wear and tear can see metal wear away or gemstones knocked loose.

Regular maintenance might include getting your piece resurfaced and professionally cleaned and having stones checked to ensure they’re still secure in their settings. I recommend you get your jewellery serviced at least once a year. Please contact me to arrange a service.