custom makes

Making an individual piece of jewellery for a client is one of my favorite parts of being a jeweller. It allows me the opportunity to make a piece of jewellery that commemorates a milestone, such as a birthday or a union between two people. I see the finished piece of jewellery as the beginning of the journey that continues with the wearer.

As a jeweller with over 17 years of experience, my aim is to make the process of getting a special piece of jewellery custom made as easy and streamlined as possible. Here is a rundown of the process step by step.

custom design process

Email. Send me an email and let me know what you’re thinking. It is fine if you are unclear about a design. Sometimes only one aspect of what you want is clear. This could be the colour of metal or type of gem stone or a subtle hint given to you by a loved one. My first email to you will cover all you need to consider to get this process started. Budget, time frame, metal and gem stone choices are some things we will cover.

You may have a very clear idea of what you would like made, if so, feel free to add your ideas, budget, time frame, metal and gem stone choices with any images to your first email.

If you are local, we can make an appointment to meet face to face. 

Designing and sourcing gem stones. Taking into consideration all the information we have gathered, I get designing. Depending on your requirements, I show you designs that sit within your budget and source gem stones for you to view either in person or via email with images and videos.

Completed design. Once a final design has been agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required to commence your make.

Making your custom piece of jewellery. It’s at this stage where I get to bring your piece of jewellery to life.

How long will this whole process take? The time frame from initial consult to completed piece can vary greatly. On average this whole process may take anywhere between three to six weeks. If you have a set time frame outside this, I am always happy to hear from you and to discuss possibilities.