Zoom Champagne Halo & Diamond Crush set
Zoom Champagne Halo & Diamond Crush set

Champagne Halo & Diamond Crush set

Champagne Halo: 18ct yellow gold, 20x champagne diamonds. Top W 15mm X H 12mm Ring band W 2.4mm.

Diamond Crush: 18ct yellow gold, 19x champagne diamonds Top 5mm. Ring band W 2.4mm.

This engagement ring and wedding ring set was custom made. It can be made using different size champagne diamonds or white diamonds and made in other precious metals. For enquiries please email.

I am a Melbourne based jewellery designer and specialise in handmade custom jewellery. Where possible, I'm passionate about using locally sourced materials. One for the alternative bride featuring locally sourced champagne diamonds

18ct yellow gold is a high carat gold and stamped 750. This stamp means it is 750 parts pure gold out of 1000. The remaining parts are made up of metals that enhance its colour. 18ct gold is a very durable metal and great to use in wedding or engagement rings or any ring worn everyday like signet rings. It is also a very beautiful metal to work with and makes me happy.

Champagne diamonds like white diamonds, are made from carbon. Their unprecedented hardness and brilliant sparkle makes them perfect for everyday wear. Like white diamonds they are graded with the 4 C's with colour ranging from a pale golden hue known as C1 to a dark chocolate brown known as C7. Small traces of nitrogen found in the carbon give champagne diamonds their colour.

Storage: Store your jewellery in the original box or separately from other jewellery and metal items. Remove your jewellery while doing activities like gardening, washing dishes, playing sport or doing other activities that may cause it to be scratched or damaged.

Maintenance: To help keep your gem set ring looking its best, I recommend getting your ring professionally cleaned and checked once a year. Email for an appointment.

Clean at home using warm water and a very soft nylon brush, like a soft tooth brush, as it will not scratch the stones or metal. Avoid using any abrasive cleansers or detergents.

Champagne Halo & Diamond Crush set