Zoom paper bangle stack. Yellow, blue, mint

paper bangle stack. Yellow, blue, mint

Coloured Paper, elastic thread, glass beads. Large: Each disc 32mm round. Small: each disc 19mm round Each bangle is handmade as a one off. For enquires please email.

As a Melbourne based jeweller and artist the idea and application of the wearable is what merges the two sides of my practice. Using paper as the main material in my exhibition work provides a great avenue to explore colour and texture and sees me constantly delighted by its diversity and durablity. To view past and upcoming exhibitions head over to News.

Storage: Store your paper bangle in the original box or separatley from other jewellery. Avoid getting your bangle wet and remove while doing activities that may cause it to be damaged.

Maintenance: If your bangle requires maintanance, please email to arrange an appointment.

Clean: Your bangle has been sprayed with a matte laquer to help protect it from dirt and small amounts of moisture. Care must be taken to keep your bangle away from dirt and moisture.

paper bangle stack. Yellow, blue, mint