Zoom Gold studded halo pendant

Gold studded halo pendant

9ct yellow gold pendant grain set with 3x diamonds on 9ct yellow gold 45cm length chain.

This necklace features a hand made clasp that compliments the pendant. It can also be ordered with a manufactured parrot clasp. Pendant W 12mm X 12mm. This pendant is made to order and can be made using coloured gem stones or other precious metals like silver or white gold. The necklace can be ordered with different length chain on request. Allow three weeks plus postage to arrive. For enquiries please email.

As a contemporary Austrailian jeweller, I'm passionate about making well made jewellery using high quality materials for everyday wear.

9ct yellow gold is stamped 375. This stamp means it is 375 parts pure gold out of 1000. The remaining parts are made up of metals that enhance its colour. 9ct gold is a durable metal that is lighter in colour and weigth to 18ct yellow gold. Its lighter weight makes it a perfect choice for pendants.

Diamonds are made from the single element, carbon. Their unpresidented hardness and brilliant sparkle make them the most sort after precious stone and perfect to be worn everyday. Diamonds are graded using the four C's. Cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Storage: Store your necklace in the original box or separatley from other jewellery and metal items. Remove your necklace while doing activities that may cause it to be scratched or damaged.

Maintanance: If your necklace requires maintanance, please email to arrange an appointment.

Clean at home using warm water and a very soft nylon bristel brush like a soft tooth brush as it will not scratch the metal. Avoid using any abrasive cleansers or detergents.

Gold studded halo pendant