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Plum brooch

Sterling silver matte finish W 50mm X H 50mm.

This brooch is hand made to order and runs in a limited edition series. For enquiries please email.

As a Melbourne contemporary jeweller and designer I specialise in handmade custom jewellery. I'm passionate about unique design jewellery using high quality materials.

Sterling Silver is stamped 925. This stamp means it is 925 parts pure silver out of 1000. The remaining in made up of copper which helps give silver added strength and durability. Sterling Silver is a sort after metal for its light almost white colour.

Storage: Store your brooch in the original box or separately from other jewellery and metal items. Remove your brooch while doing activities that may cause it to be scratched or damaged.

Maintenance: If your brooch requires maintenance, please email to arrange an appointment. Clean at home using warm water and a very soft nylon bristle brush like a soft tooth brush as it will not scratch the metal. Avoid using any abrasive cleansers or detergents.

Plum brooch